Pharmacy Majid Makhwah Branch
Branch is located in the logic Baha Makhwah center where serve that region and appreciates cattle by about two million head in that region and centers its subsidiaries such as its branch Ghamed Trigger and Juwah descents and withers, and the sapling and the mountains of the draft and center Shada top and bottom and the most important villages served by the Centre also built honest and Marwah and Zian and Aelkezh and Alhawwajr and Juwah descents .iqdm branch therapeutic programs diagnostician and give appropriate treatment for each case with the provision of technical support and consulting therapeutic both reviewers and customers Alfra.oma prevention programs can be divided according to its etiology: first pathogenic bacteria are immunization against intestinal and blood poisoning and brucellosis
Second, viral diseases are vaccination against FMD, PPR and smallpox.
Third, prevention programs and treatment for internal parasites such as intestinal worms and pulmonary and hepatic and external, such as scabies and lice and ticks